DR. FIL Water Filter


How do I install it?

No installation needed. Just connect & use! Connect one side to the washing machine water inlet and another side to the water supply.


How do I change the filter cartridge?

Open the cap, remove the old filter cartridge then put in a new one and close the cap.


What are the benefits of the Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge?

It removes up to 77% of chlorine in water and when attached to your washing machine, can protect the colour of your clothes.


Where can I buy my replacement filter cartridge?

Contact us directly to place an order, or go to our website to purchase. We will have it delivered to your house!


Does it come with a warranty?

We provide a 6-month water leakage warranty. After installation, if any parts have a leakage, we will responsibly replace it with a new one.


Can it be fitted to my washing machine?

Absolutely, because every washing machine water inlet is the same. Our hose and adaptor head can be fitted to any type of washing machine.